Alcoholic Pt Case-Study

Mr. Smith is a 65 year old male that is accompanied by his wife to your clinic. He is following up after an ER visit for a fall at home that resulted in 6 stitches to his forehead. He admits that he had a few drinks that night before tripping over his dog. His wife adds that he has “a few drinks” every night.

1-How will you proceed with Mr. Smith?

2- What diagnostics will you perform? with intext citations and references?

3- What will potentially be part of your treatment plan with references and intext citations? with intext citations and references?


APA format with intext citations

Word count minimum of 300, not including references.

References: minimum2 high-level scholarly references within the last 5 years in APA format.

Plagiarism free.

Turnitin receipt.