ProcedureConfident (Can complete independently)Mostly confident (Can complete with supervision)Beginning (Have performed with supervision or need supervision to feel confident)New (Have never performed or does not apply)
Alternative drug administration (inhalation, transdermal)X
Presenting history of present illnessX
Airway management (oral and nasal airway placement, intubation, extubation)X
Ventilator settings (manages AC, SIMV, CPAP; analyzes ABGs to guide settings/Fi02, PEEPX
Non-invasive CPAP / BIPAPX
Vital sign measurementsX
Advanced circulatory management (central line placement and removal, intra-osseus lines, arterial lines)X
Arterial and venous sheath removalX
Performs arterial puncture for ABGsX
Epicardial pacing, assessment, and managementX
Permanent pacemaker (assessing function and managementX
12 lead EKG interpretationX
Cervical spine trauma assessment for possible neurologic injuryX
Burn assessment and managementX
Immobilization device application / managementX
Organ donation (identifying potential donors)X
Intracranial monitoring (assessment and management)X
Reduce dislocated jointX
Remove foreign body (from ear, eye, nose, soft tissue, other)X
Radiology reports (interpret CT, Xray and MRI)X
Sedation (manages procedural sedation)X
Chest tube placement, management, and removalX
Compartment pressure measurement and managementX
Wound management (stage 1-4 pressure ulcer management, incises/drains/debrides wounds, suture/steri-strip/dermabond use)X
Digital nerve blockX
Epistaxis management/nasal packingX
Performs gastric lavageX
Nail bed closureX
Nail trephinationX
Injects local anestheticsX

Summary of strengths:

Opportunities for growth:

Now, write 3-4 possible goals and objectives for this practicum experience. Ensure that they follow the SMART Strategy, as described in the Learning Resources.