Consider your workplace, or the workplace where you will complete your capstone project

This discussion forum will focus on the first step in program planning: assembling the change team.

1,Review the Process of Program Planning document posted in the Week 1 module. The objective of step 1 in the program planning process is to assemble a team of leaders, staff members and possibly healthcare consumers with the authority, expertise, credibility and motivation necessary to drive a successful change program.

2.Consider your workplace, or the workplace where you will complete your capstone project. Answer the following questions in your initial post:

a. Provide a brief description of the workplace, at the level where change will be instituted (ie. unit versus hospital)

b. Which individuals would you want on a team to investigate the need for change? It is not necessary to name individuals, but rather to list their job titles. What is your rationale for selecting these individuals? Do they fulfill any of the following team roles?

Executive Sponsor –a senior leader with enough clout to implement new approaches

Clinical or Technical Support-has expert knowledge of the relevant clinical subject matter or of the technology used

Champion– Staff who are supportive of a change, and willing to mentor others to make change happen

Front-line leader– Understands the impacts of making changes on processes used in the delivery of nursing and healthcare

c. Discuss the use of interdisciplinary change teams. Are they more or less impactful than those of one discipline? Please provide a rationale explaining your answer.

In addition to your original post, be sure to provide a meaningful response to at least two of your peer’s posts. The discussion closure for each week’s discussion topic is Sunday night at 11:59pm Mountain Time. (It is the expectation of this course that each student respond to any questions asked of them in the discussion forum by Sunday at 11:59pm Mountain Time.). cite all resources per APA