Data Science and Big Data Literature Review Test


Data Science and Big Data Literature Review Test

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  • Due Sep 17 by 11:59pm
  • Points 11
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Data Science Literature Review Test

INF 160 Introduction to Data Science

About the test:

  • Total points: 100 (carries 11% of the final grade)
  • Each question worth 20 points 
  • Must answer all question to achieve a maximum of 20 points each
  • Each answer must contain a minimum of 300 words. 
  • Submit responses as a word document in Canvas Assignment page. 


  1. Define data science and big data in your own words. Why data science and big data matters?
  2. Write down some applications of data science/big data in the real world.
  3. What are the five “V”s of big data? Explain those. What is the process of data science research/project?
  4. What are some challenges of big data research? Explain those. 
  5. How do you intend to prepare yourself as a data scientist? Explain some areas of data science you will use in your foreseeable professional life as a data scientist. 

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