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Throughout this program, I have taken many exams. They have been practicing quizzes on my own time, practice questions as homework assignments, and practice assessments prior to taking proctored exams and the proctored exam. At the start of the program, we talked about test-taking strategies and ways to make sure that we are successful in completing our proctored assessments on the first try. I can say that I have always had difficulty with taking tests. Even though I would have difficulty I would end up doing well in the end. There are areas that I feel that I need to improve going into the future. Nothing takes the place of studying, but even if you have studied, there are test taking strategies you can employ that will make you more successful (Wichita State University, 2023).

 One of those areas that are related to test-taking that I feel needs improvement is taking my time with reading the questions all the way through. I have a bad habit of skimming through looking for the answer that stands out. That does not always help me to answer the question correctly. However, I also feel that skimming is a useful strategy to utilize for test taking because some of the tests that are taken are time. With that taking a lot of time to read through every single question and all of their answers can take up a lot of time. Another area that I feel needs improvement is eliminating answers that I feel for sure are incorrect. This may be by looking at the answers choices as a true or false answer for the question. It may also be by looking for positive and negative choices. 

 When it comes to five test-taking strategies that I feel will help me to successful outcomes they are flash cards, doing practice questions, reviewing information that I’m not familiar with, thoroughly reading the questions, and eliminating answers that I strongly believe are incorrect. These five test-taking strategies I feel will help assist me in getting to successful outcomes. I may not use all of these test-taking strategies all of the time, but I do plan on using them when it comes to taking the comprehensive proctored exam so that I pass on the first attempt. As my time in this program comes to an end I hope that all of the information regarding test-taking strategies helps me as I go on to further my education. I now have a better understanding of how to go about taking tests that I did not have prior to starting this program. 


Wichita State University. (2023). Test-taking Strategie s.  You’ve studied hard. What’s next?. https://www.wichita.edu/services/studentsuccess/Study_Tips_Techniques/Test_Taking_Techniques.php 

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