homework computer

Submitting Files – Lab Utilities:

Objective of the activity

After becoming familiar with the elements of an information system and with the Windows operating system, students will perform activities with utility programs.


What are we going to do?

After reviewing the material and accessing the tutorials, students will carry out the following activities:

“Disk cleanup”

Defragment your computer’s hard drive

Customize the “Desktop”

Create on your computer a “folder” with the name PRO1101 which in turn has four “folders”

How are you going to do?

In a Word document, paste the screenshots that show:

the “Disk cleanup” process.

the process of defragmenting your computer’s hard drive.

the personalized “Desktop” with a photo of your favorite pet.

The creation of the folders and subfolders created on your computer (documents). The main folder should be named PRO1101. Within this folder you must create the following subfolders:

Introduction and literature

MS Power Point

MS Word

MS Excel


The activity is individual. The work must be delivered on time, without spelling or grammatical errors. The works will be submitted to the tool to detect similarity of content (now Urkund)

Submit a single document from a word processor that contains the screenshots of the exercises performed:

“Disk cleanup”

Defragmentation of your computer’s hard drive.

Personalized “Desktop” with the photo of your favorite pet.

Hierarchy of folders and subfolders created on your computer (documents).

Save the document with the name Practical Utility Programs. Include your name when saving the document eg Utility Programs – Gadiel