Mentor Interview Guide

Unit 4- Mentor Interview Guide

Unit 4- Mentor Interview Guide

Ask your potential mentor the following questions. You will use the information from the interview in your Unit 4 Mentor and Slide Show Presentation Assignment. Use this document to take detailed notes or record interview answers (with permission).

1. What drew you to nursing?

2. Before you became a nurse, did you work in another field besides healthcare?

3. What is your current practice role title and role responsibilities?

4. What education, specialty certification(s), and/or memberships in professional organizations did you need to achieve your current practice role?

5. What are the advantages to your current practice role?

6. What are the challenges to your current practice role?

7. Did you (or do you) have a mentor?

8. How do you feel having or not having a mentor has impacted your professional development?

9. How do you view mentorship?

10. As my mentor, how could guide me in my professional development?

11. What advice can you give me on setting a professional path towards developing into a practice role like yours?