Obesity case study

Obesity Essay

A 45 year old male, is a healthy, asymptomatic patient, presented to the clinic for a year annual physical exam, stating that he I doing find. His previous physical exam was a year and a half ago, normal. His vitals signs are normal. His weight is 220 lbs now, but his weight was 208 lbs in his previous visit. BMI: 34.6, class 1 obesity. Patient denied chest pressure, pain, shortness of breath. No edema, no leg pain at rest or when walking. No history of blurry vision or headache reported. He sleeps well during the night. He feels tired during the day, but does not fall asleep during the day. His father, two brothers and 1 sister have high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia. His father died from heart attack at 68. He does not take any medications. Does not exercise. Physical exam is normal. He returned later to get blood work results and his blood pressure was 132/72, cholesterol was high and systolic blood pressure was high and gained weight, 1 pound.


Should be a paragraph that provides a brief overview of the case and main diagnosis:

1- Type I obesity

Differential Diagnoses

Differential Diagnosis:

Provide EACH differential diagnosis with the rationale and supporting evidence with the REFERENCE for each one. Also explain why differentials (2&3) were not the primary diagnosis.

1- Obesity, type 1

2- Hypertension

3- Hyperlipidemia


Identify the lab, radiology, or other tests needed for the main diagnosis:

type 1 Obesity, with supporting evidence.


ยท Include the initial treatment plan for the main diagnosis. It should include medication names, dosages, and frequencies. (Please use specific treatment plan supported by recent clinical Guidelines treatment as the Reference)


Patient/family education:


Appropriate follow up plan.

Please include when will patient follow up: 2 weeks, 1month, 3 months.

What are some follow up labs or test. Referrals

Why are they following up? What outcome do you wish to assess? 



APA format

Intext citation

References at least 4 high-level scholarly reference (EACH differential diagnostic gets 1 reference, and 1 for the treatment with American guidelines. References have to be within the last 5 years in APA format.

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Turnitin receipt.