Protection Assignment Discussion Board

Protection Discussion Board Assignment

Research a disease process/diagnosis within this unit that is of interest to you. It needs to be a disease process found within Unit 2! The paper needs to be written in APA format (so include a cover page and reference list). There is a sample APA-style paper under course documents you can use as a guide. Utilize professional nursing resources, like your book and journal articles.

· This assignment needs to be uploaded to the Upload to the Protection Assignment Discussion Board AND the appropriate D2L drop box.

· Once you have uploaded to the discussion board, you are required to respond to 2 peers. This response needs to be meaningful by asking additional questions or offering personal testimony regarding their disease process/ diagnosis.

RequirementsPossible PointsPoints awarded
Pathophysiology· Disease process· Systems Affected· Signs & symptoms· How is it diagnosed· Longevity10
Medications (2)· Desired Effect· 2 Side effects· 2 Nursing considerations6
Nursing Interventions (Take Action)· 2 appropriate interventions· Rationale for BOTH interventions· How should these interventions be accomplished6
APA format· Cover page· In-text citations (as appropriate)· Reference list3
Peer response (2)5
Total Points30

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