Provide health care information and reinforce established teaching plans for patients.

Teaching Plan Assignment

Outcome Two: Provide health care information and reinforce established teaching plans for patients.


1. Students will work in groups of 2 on a topic from the approved list for which you will create a teaching plan.

2. Create a teaching plan to meet the assigned learning need, utilizing the template presented. This must include at least three (3) written objectives.

3. Present the teaching plan in post-clinical on the date assigned by your instructor.

4. Evaluate the patient’s (peer) learning. Each teaching plan must include a method for evaluation. (Quiz, Survey, Q&A) in addition to using the “teach back” method.

5. Include at least one sample of your teaching materials. This may be a pre-printed pamphlet or handout or maybe something you have created such as a handout, poster board, outline, or slides.

6. Must cite at least 2 professional resources (related to the teaching topic) other than the textbooks used for class. One resource may include a pamphlet or material used as teaching materials.

7. Submit all elements for grading.

8. A copy of the evaluation method(s) must be submitted with the teaching plan along with clear plan to evaluate learning.

Grading Rubric:

To be successful:Points
Assessment and Analysis· Learning needs and topic clearly identified· Possible learning barriers identified· Relevance based on the assessment discussed· Setting, learner(s) specific needs identified· Overall goal(s) identified2
Design· Content organized· At least 3 written objectives, written appropriately· Objectives properly relate to the overall goal2
Development· Format/strategy and medium utilized are identified and relate to the topic goal· Clearly describes the implementation process2
Evaluation· “Teach Back” method utilized (how it is utilized is clearly outlined) as one evaluation method.· Utilizes a second method of evaluation with criteria2
References· At least 2 resources· Cited and referenced properly in APA2
Submitted for grading: Total· Completed teaching plan template· Evaluation method(s)· Teaching material(s) (pamphlet, outline, handout)10

Teaching Plan Template

Lesson Plan Title:



Learning Barriers:

Overall Goal: The patient and/or family will…

Objectives: After completion of this learning session, the patient and/or family will:








1. Teach back method utilized…

2. Second Evaluation Tool utilized…

Kelly, Patricia. (2012). Nursing Leadership & Management ( 3rd ed.). Clifton Park: Delmar.

Sample Staff Lesson Plan

Kelly, Patricia. (2012). Nursing Leadership & Management ( 3rd ed.). Clifton Park: Delmar.

Lesson Plan Title: Stroke Management

Setting: 4th floor stroke unit

Learner: 4th floor unit staff

Overall Goal: The staff on the 4th floor will verbalize knowledge of stroke management.

Objectives: After completion of this session, the staff will:

1. Verbalize a definition of a stroke.

1. Identify the signs and symptoms of stroke.

1. Discuss prevention and treatment of stroke.

Topic: Stroke management. In this lesson the staff will receive the following information:

Definition of stroke: A decrease in the blood supply of the brain due to bleeding or a blood clot. This results in loss of function of the affected parts of the body.

Signs and symptoms of stroke: Loss of muscle tone, headaches, dizziness, tingling in the arms and legs, numbness, vision disturbances or temporary blindness in one eye, confusion, faintness, loss of consciousness, slurred speech, or inability to talk.

Causes: Stroke is caused by bleeding or a blood clot that causes decreased blood flow to the brain.

Prevention: Exercise daily, do not smoke, check blood pressure regularly, follow a recommended diet, daily aspirin may help.

Treatment: Thrombolytics, anticoagulants, and/or aspirin, physical therapy, speech therapy, and so on.

Strategy: PowerPoint presentation

Medium: Handouts – Stroke Management

Evaluation: Provide a five-question true or false quiz to staff members – they must obtain a score of 80% or better.

Evaluation tool for stroke management: Mark the correct answer.

T F 1. A stroke is a temporary increase in blood supply to the brain.

T F 2. Numbness and tingling is a symptom of a stroke.

T F 3. A stroke can be caused by full blockage of a small artery in the brain.

T F 4. One way to avoid a stroke is to avoid smoking.

T F 5. Two medications that may be prescribed for a stroke patient are aspirin and Coumadin.

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