Web Development Timeline and/or Cycle COLLAPSE 1 page paragraph


Web Development Timeline and/or Cycle

No two websites are developed the same, but there are likely timelines and best practices. Phrases I would focus on would be customer-focussed, user-focussed, internal communication, and external communication.

This is NOT you casually talking about topics. 

You should be REPORTING EVIDENCE and EXAMPLES from what you read.

  1. Identify the topic for this week. The title of this discussion board thread lists topics 
  2. Find three high-quality sources of related information on the Internet. 
  3. Read your chosen high-quality sources of related information.
  4. state your three sources of information.
  5. DESCRIBE each of the three sources of information within a few sentences providing EXAMPLES.
  6. SUMMARIZE with three things about the topic that you want to remember forever.