What is an example of some advantages of Telehealth?

Applying evidence to improve complex systems of health care for diverse populations at a community health facility. You have noticed a trend in which there is a high rate of patients who don’t show up for their appointments. Despite making reminder calls the day before, patients are still missing their appointments. During your problem-solving efforts, you begin to investigate more closely and discover that a large portion of the patients lack access to transportation. As a result, many have missed their appointments, which meant they haven’t updated their physician on important changes in their health, haven’t been able to get directions on adjusting their medications based on the changes, etc. 

You have determined that telehealth would be a good solution to this problem so people who have difficulty coming to the clinic in person can still have access to care.

Review the Grading Rubric and use it to organize your assignment.

Assessment Deliverable
Part 1 – Access to Care Solution

Research telehealth.

Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, with detailed speaker notes, in which you: 

Present your plan to use telehealth to address the access to care problem.

Identify at least 2 barriers to accessing telehealth for this population.

Provide a potential solution to the barriers.

Provide evidence to support your solutions.

Part 2 – White Paper

Write a 350-word (1-page) white paper for the executive board of the clinic in which you address 1 barrier that patients would have to using telehealth for access to care and 1 solution to the barrier.

Cite a minimum of 4 peer-reviewed scholarly sources to support your assessment.

Format your assessment according to APA guidelines. Use an APA Template

Submit your assignment.


· Telehealth Plan

30% of total grade

· Telehealth Barrier

10% of total grade

· Telehealth Solutions

15% of total grade

· White Paper

35% of total grade

· Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Analyze Alternative

5% of total grade

· APA, Grammar, and Writing Mechanics

3% of total grade

· Information Literacy

2% of total grade

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