What is the etiology of the disease process

DUE 7/20/23  1pm EST

300 words, not including 

  1. Consider a common diagnosis for patients in your clinical experience. If you are not currently in clinical, identify medications related to a diagnosis you are familiar with.
  2. What medication is your patient taking? Identify the mechanism of action and therapeutic action of medications in use for hypertension, peripheral vascular disease, migraines, anemia.
  3. What is the etiology of the disease process? What other actions are appropriate for improving the patient’s condition?
  4. What are the therapeutic actions that you will be monitoring for? Can you monitor them with nursing interventions?
  5. What are the potential systemic adverse reactions to the medications? How will you monitor for those adverse effects? How will they be treated?
  6. Are there potential toxicity’s related to any medication your patient is taking? What developmental concerns might the healthcare provider need to consider with your patient related to these medications?